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Swiss Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

Rent Safe Deposit Box in a Bank

You can RENT Safe Deposit Box at Credit Suisse

You can rent safe deposit boxes in any branches for securely storing documents, securities, data storage media, precious metals, jewelry, precious stones and other similar valuable items.

Secure and discrete storage of your valuables
Access only for authorized persons
Discretion assured thanks to separate client booths

The rental fee depends on the size of the safe deposit box.
Rent a safe deposit box
Please contact your client advisor.
Rent your safe deposit box at your preferred Credit Suisse office.

Why do bank uses boxes inside the safety deposit boxes?
All but the largest Swiss bank safety deposit boxes use an inside box. This for three reasons. 1) To protect the client privacy, as he can take the inside box out of the locked safety box and bring it to a private room where only he can see what goes inside. 2) To take full advantage of the safety deposit box’s size. It is much easier to take out the box that occupies the full volume of the space rented by the bank and easily access its content. 3) In case of death or technical repairs, the bank can ask its own locksmith to drill a box and have a Swiss notary be present to put a sealed security ribbon around the box to guarantee that the box contents will be untouched and kept private from all but the client.

What You should Know about the Safe Deposit Box
You can securely store your valuables and documents in a personal safe deposit box in our vault. Safe deposit boxes are
available for rent at our branches, and can be accessed during regular bank opening hours. The availability of safe deposit
boxes depends on the branch. You will receive two keys that
you can store at the branch for a safekeeping fee.

Your Needs
ȩ You are looking for a place to safely and securely keep your documents and valuables such as jewelry, memorabilia, or securities
ȩ You would like to rent a safe deposit box and trust in the experts to provide security

How You Benefit
ȩ Safeguard your valuables
ȩ No unauthorized access
ȩ Convenient access for you
ȩ Different box sizes available to meet your needs

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