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Free Mastercard Prepaid Card Online

Payoneer, an industry-leading global payments company, has established itself as the premier provider of payment services for the freelancer sector in Latin America. The company has extended its leadership position with the recent addition of three of the continent’s largest freelance marketplaces –Adtriboo, Nubelo and Workana. These marketplaces connect Latin American content and blog writers, web and graphic designers, App developers, computer programmers, translators and more, to companies all over the world.

“I know that once a project is done, payment will happen quickly and with minimal hassle for the payer or payee, no matter the size of the project or the location of the freelancer.”

Payoneer provides payments to tens of thousands of freelance workers through its flexible, multi-currency payout solutions. Rather than hassling with multiple payment methods to various countries, Payoneer provides companies with a “one stop” global payment solution, including services such as prepaid debit cards, global bank transfers, global and local eWallets, and international checks. With upward growth trends in the freelance worker community, easy global payment solutions are more in demand than ever. According to a recent Economist story published June 1, the startup economy is expected to create $5 Billion in freelance payments per year by 2018.

Founded in 2005, Payoneer is an industry-leading global payments company accelerating growth for its customers by improving the way they manage and pay partners, affiliates and independent workers in more than 200 countries worldwide. Payoneer’s complete solution provides a simple, secure, compliant and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to offer superior and cost-saving payments options including: Prepaid Debit cards, deposits to local banks worldwide, wire transfers, global and local e-wallets and local-currency paper checks.
The Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card works just like any other prepaid debit card and can be used to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard®/Visa is accepted.
You can apply for the Payoneer card in order to receive payments from any of the thousands of companies that offer payment via Payoneer. Applicants are required to be over the age of 18.

Sign in and get your US free bank account with ATM Card.

Payoneer’s Private Loading Service allows you to receive earnings from individuals and companies for work done online such as freelancing and affiliate network.
The Payoneer Private Load service at a glance:
• Receive payments via Visa, MasterCard® or US ACH (for US cardholders only)
• Funds available within 2 business days of approval
• Use your Payoneer card to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide
Private Loads are reviewed on an individual basis, and are subject to approval by Payoneer’s Payment Approval Department. Payoneer reserves the right to decline private loads and set requirements and limits on a case by case basis. To be eligible for the Private Loading Service your Payoneer account must first be active in receiving payments from any of Payoneer’s official partners or the US Payment Service.
Anyone may load your card by clicking
Payoneer Refer a Friend Program
• Application for the Refer a Friend program is open to all Payoneer cardholders.

Simply visit this page and sign up, using your name and e-mail address (as listed on your Payoneer account).
• Once you have signed up, you will be assigned a unique link. This link will allow you to receive referral rewards for your friends who apply for a Payoneer card and receive at least $100 in payment to their card.
You can to check on your referrals and rewards at any time

“As we connect the best freelance Latin American talent with employers and projects that need them in the US and elsewhere around the globe, Payoneer dramatically decreases the complexity for us to pay our remote talent throughout the region,” said Tomás O'Farrell, Co-Founder of Workana. “I know that once a project is done, payment will happen quickly and with minimal hassle for the payer or payee, no matter the size of the project or the location of the freelancer.”

Payoneer’s multiple payment options and years of experience making payments in more than 200 countries means its Latin American partners have a simple and flexible way of delivering payments to any freelancer in any region, regardless of currency. In addition, Payoneer provides payees with multi-lingual customer support in 35 languages worldwide, including full support in Spanish and Portuguese. The full-service customer support team can be contacted via phone, email or live chat. The active forum allows users and customer service to support consumer questions.

Scott Galit, Payoneer CEO says, “Payoneer is committed to powering the freelance marketplaces and empowering freelance workers all over the world to participate in the global economy. We’ve been focused on better supporting the Latin American region and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with terrific partners like Adtriboo, Nubelo and Workana to help us simplify life and save money for freelancers in the region.”

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