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Opening a Safe Deposit Box Offshore

Rent Safe Deposit Box in a Bank

The best anonymous offshore safe deposit facility in the world is Das Safe, located in Vienna, Austria in an old palace.
Anonymous & Non-anonymous Safes: The motto ... "There are always things, that you shouldn't have at home. "

SAFE Wertfachvermietungs Ges.m.b.H.
Auerspergstrasse 1, A-1080 Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43-1-406 61 74, E-mail:
FN 80874 h, Handelsgericht Wien,
UID Nr. ATU54387408
Rent Safes per Week, per Month, or per Year. In all sizes, starting from 50 € per week. For all valuables which you would like to have under lock and key but accessible at any time. Jewels, data protection tapes, personal papers, heirlooms, last wills, contracts, coins, etc. You can have access to your safe every workday. Only you know your - self selected - password, which opens the first lock of your safe. And only you have the key to the second lock. DAS SAFE guarantees anonymity, security and excellent service, since 1984. The Service: Simple and Discrete

Sparta Global Intelligence Group - Safe Services
Löwengasse 39, 1030 Vienna
Tel: +43 676 844 307 202
With Sparta Services, safe box can be rent completely anonymous. No identification card, no passport, no signature and no adress is needed!

Palais Coburg, also known as Palais Saxe-Coburg, is a palace in Vienna, Austria. You can have a Vault room for rent deposit boxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Private safety deposit boxes for rent in England, Panama, Tax havens countries and Non-Bank Places to Rent a Safe Deposit Box.When faced with threats like taxation and inflation from all sides, one of the best offshore asset protection strategies is to hold valuables in an offshore safe deposit box. You can rent safe deposit boxes in secure tax havens like Panama or the Cayman Islands, which are convenient for North Americans, or in places like Austria and Switzerland if you need easy access from Europe.  

One of the best things about storing your assets in an offshore safe deposit box is that, unlike an offshore bank account, there is no reporting requirement whatsoever. You can for example hold precious metals like gold or silver bullion, in the form of gold coins or gold bars. This is a much more secure way of holding gold than ETFs, digital gold or bank accounts.  

A safe deposit box is a type of safe that is usually found in groups inside a bank vault. Sometimes there are private safe deposit boxes available that are not associated with banks. People use them to keep valuable items such as currency, jewelry, gemstones and important documents safe. Although there are safe deposit boxes that can be kept at home available on the market today, most people still prefer renting one in a secure facility which will have high tech security systems and 24-hour armed guards.  

How a safe deposit box rental works  

In a typical arrangement, you have to pay the offshore bank for the use of the box over a period of time. There is no way you can open the safe other than with the assigned key, the bank’s master or ‘guard’ key, a code AND the proper signature. With this number of stages of authorization, you are assured that whatever it is you keep in the box is protected and can only be accessed by the right people. No one else can open the safe unless they have a power of attorney and an agreement with the safety deposit box facility’s operator. Some banks even use biometric fingerprint security to increase the level of security.

Terms and Conditions

In order to rent a safe deposit box, most banks will require you to set up an account. Individuals and companies alike can use his service. However, some offshore banks do not permit joint names. Most of the time, the minimum rental period is one year. Any subsequent period is usually agreed per annum as well. Before you decide whether to rent a safe or not, you should first of course ensure that the items you are planning to keep there are legal in the particular offshore jurisdiction you have chosen.  

Rental Fees and Key Deposits  

In most banks, key deposits and rental fees must be paid in full. The fee depends on a number of factors. Usually, the size of the safe rented is the primary basis of the cost. The larger the safe, the higher the fee. The fee is also nonrefundable even if you cancel the contract.  

Most banks also require a key deposit to guard the key from being lost and the safe deposit box from being damaged. The good news is that key deposits are usually refundable if the safe and the key are in good condition at the end of the rental period or when the contract expires.

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