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Open Swiss Forex investment Bank account

Open Swiss Bank Account

Saxo Bank established a presence in Switzerland to be closer to the huge range of professional traders in the region. Switzerland is well known as one of the world’s leading financial centres and finds itself  in an exceptionally high concentration of financial entities, such as private and institutional asset managers, hedge funds, and referral agents.

Saxo Bank, the parent, is an international investment banking group which specialises almost exclusively on online trading of FOREX, CFDs, ETFs, stocks, futures, options and other derivatives.
A fully licensed and regulated European bank since 2001; Saxo Bank supports a global base of individual retail clients, corporations and financial institutions from its headquarters in Denmark and via its offices in Australia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the United Arab Emirates. An extremely competitive pricing system, combined with the most intuitive multi-product online trading platform in the industry, have made the group a global player.   

Technology as the priority
Right from the start, Saxo Bank has been at the forefront of technological development geared toward providing traders and investors with an ever increasing product and service offering. Saxo Bank has consistently emphasized technology as one of the vital elements in online trading, and as a result developed online trading platforms which have been voted the best worldwide. The internally developed SaxoTrader platform has won « best in class » awards for five consecutive years, and a high amount of Saxo Bank’s manpower and financial resources are continuously dedicated to improving our various platforms. The SaxoTrader can be used from a computer, the web or a mobile phone, truly allowing users to « trade anytime, anywhere » and to stay in touch with the markets 24/5. The platform is so good that one of the most significant areas of business of Saxo Bank is White Labelling, the development of tailored versions for other banks and brokerage houses to implement for their businesses.   

Security and reliability for all investors
Above and beyond financial security, safeguarding client information and securely controlling, executing and managing real-time internal systems is of the utmost importance to the Bank.
A specialized team of experienced IT professionals works on a continuous basis to secure and safeguard all information and operating systems.

Saxo Bank offers Swiss financial expertise combined with the best in online trading.  
The Saxo Bank Group is a world leader in the industry. Security and reliability for all investors.

Saxo Bank Swiss Accounts
A Saxo Bank Swiss trading account enables you to take control of your trading by managing your entire portfolio from a single account through our award-winning trading platform.

Trade Forex, FX Options & Forwards, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks and Futures  
Access best quality news and research
Get real-time trade ideas with Trademaker
Access smart ideas with streaming news and research
Benefit from a Personal Account Executive
Tap the support of Saxo Bank’s Premium Account Executive Team
Access spreads as tight as Interbank spreads for FX Options´
Get a wide range of high-level publications

Prepare yourself to trade Forex, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures and FX Options & Forwards on a suite of trading platforms that define the best in the business: SaxoTrader, SaxoWebTrader and SaxoMobileTrader.

With a Classic account, you also get access to top of the line resources including: Saxo Bank’s world-class news and market research; TradeMentor, Saxo Bank’s innovative trading education program; and real-time trading ideas via TradeMaker.

Key benefits:
Complete product range: 160+ FX crosses (incl. Spot Gold/Silver), 8'300+ CFDs, 22 Index-tracking CFDs, ETFs, Stocks from 29 exchanges, as well as FX Options, Futures contracts, Contract Options and other derivatives.
Access to Saxo Bank’s award-winning trading platforms.
Market analysis and streaming news service.
Excellent liquidity and one-click trading for fast execution and full range of trade orders.

Create an account today. No minimum funding requirements. Just go to "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" and "FILL IN THE APPLICATION TO APPLY FOR A TRADING ACCOUNT WITH SAXO BANK" at

Other trading account that click here offers you greater trading flexibility over futures with the most popular energy and metals markets using our trading platforms. Commodities offers traders price volatility and hedging capabilities against adverse price movements for underlying commodity risk.
Commodities trading is as simple as Forex and Stock Indices and they are offered all on the same platforms. You can trade our full range of commodities including Natural Gas, Brent and WTI crude oil as well as metals including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Nickel and Lead.
Your Commodities trading benefits  High Leverage
Flexible trade sizes
No physical settlement or contract expirations
No commissions, only spread
Crude Oil
Brent Crude Oil
Natural gas
US Copper
UK Copper

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