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Fire and burglar resistant Safe Vault

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Burglary occurs when thieves break into your closed store with the intent to steal your merchandise. Robbery is the unlawful taking of your merchandise by force or fear when your store is open for business.

Preventing burglaries has a host of benefits:

No middle-of-the-night call from police or your alarm company.
No broken glass, smashed showcases, and other damage to clean up.
No police report to file.
No reporters asking what happened.
No insurance claim to file.
No need to conduct an inventory of what’s missing and damaged.
No need to get estimates for repairing the damage.
No repair crews stomping around your store.
No increase in your insurance rates due to the claim.
No need to convince employees and customers that your store is safe.

There are two types of burglaries:

Smash, grab, and run burglaries (a.k.a. “three-minute burglaries”)
Safe/vault burglaries

Take these steps to prevent smash, grab and run burglaries:

Place merchandise in a safe or vault when closed to business. If you don’t have room in your safe or vault for all merchandise, place lower-valued items in a locked cabinet or drawer, out of sight from criminals. Be sure to comply with your insurance policy provisions for storing merchandise during closed-to-business hours.
Place customer repairs in the safe or vault. Never leave them in your work area.
Remove all jewelry from show windows at night.
Do not cover showcases. This gives criminals the impression that there’s something worth stealing.
Use UL-listed burglary-resistant glazing material on windows, doors and showcases. This material will slow down criminals.
Verify that your burglar alarm system is on and working properly. You should have a professional inspection and maintenance check of your alarm system at least annually. In addition, test your alarm system at regular intervals and walk test any motion detectors.

More sophisticated burglars attempt to disable alarm systems and break into safes or vaults. Burglars may attempt to gain access to a jewelry store by cutting a hole in the roof, a common wall shared with an adjacent business, or the exterior wall. Guards or police officers responding to the burglar alarm signal may not see signs of forced entry and may leave without further investigation.

Other times, burglars may trigger an alarm signal and wait to see who responds and how long it takes. After one or more “false alarms,” the response may be delayed, giving burglars the time they need to break into your store and safe/vault. Never let alarm signals, telephone trouble, or other disturbances go unexplained.

Take these steps to prevent safe or vault burglaries:

Insist on a UL-certificated Central Station burglar alarm system, if available. The certificate serves as evidence that the premises, safes and/or vaults are protected by a burglar alarm system meeting UL requirements for installation, operation and maintenance.
Confirm that your alarm system provides line security. Any conventional burglar alarm system is vulnerable to defeat or compromise by simply severing the communication paths between the store and the central station alarm monitoring facility without triggering an alarm signal. Line security reduces this vulnerability by detecting a compromise attempt. If you don’t have line security, you don’t have adequate burglar alarm system protection.
Confirm that your security system can detect an unauthorized entry through the roof, a rear exit, a bathroom window, a skylight, an air conditioning/heating duct or through a wall. If you’re unsure of the extent of your protection, contact your alarm service provider.
Test your alarm system periodically and confirm with your alarm service provider that your system has received proper maintenance at least annually.
Respond to all alarm signals. Never take an alarm system trouble signal for granted by assuming it is a false alarm. Burglars could be testing or interfering with your line.
Provide your alarm service company with keys to your premises if they offer guard response services, so when they respond to an alarm, they can conduct a thorough investigation of the interior premises in addition to the exterior premises.
Provide your alarm service company with cell phone numbers for the owner and/or designated employees to call in an alarm situation.
Store merchandise in a UL-listed, burglary-resistant safe or vault when your store is closed for business. Burglars use a variety of tools that allow them to easily enter safes and vaults. To delay entry until guards or local law enforcement arrive, your safe or modular vault panels and vault door should be UL-listed to meet Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (ULI) minimum standards for burglary resistance.

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