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Non-Bank Places to Rent a Safe Deposit Box

Rent Safe Deposit Box in a Bank

In troubled economic times, people not only choose to move their money out of the bank but their safe deposit box items as well. Safe deposit box locations outside banks are growing in number as people become concerned with not only the solvency of their bank, but the possibility of identity theft. Here are some innovative ideas about where to rent a safe deposit box outside a bank.

To Store Precious Items and Heirlooms

Private storage firms
can rent you a safe deposit box for a year at a time to store items you want to pass on to your children, or rare collectibles you are holding for their future market value.  You may only need one piece of identification to open a box account for your use.

You will also hold the only key. In the event of payment default, the box will be opened by dismantling the lock.

Two private safe deposit companies are located in Vienna, Austria, and Prague in the Czech Republic
. Noted for their discretion, entry to their vaults is by electronic card at the main door. You can authorize anyone to access your box, simply by giving them the key and card.

Tax havens
are also noted for their discreet policies regarding money and valuables. These include the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, the Channel Islands (south of England), Luxembourg and Switzerland. Simply open a bank account and pre-authorize payments for your safe deposit box.

If you choose to store personal valuables such as jewelry and stock certificates in a bank, be aware that safe deposit box contents do not meet FDIC and CDIC (Canada Deposit Insurance Corp.) insurance eligibility. Add a special rider to your household insurance to protect the contents of your safe deposit box.

To Store Property Information

For the present, your local bank, where you are known and have an account, is the place to keep a full copied set of your title deeds, car ownership, and insurance. Keep the originals of your car ownership and all insurance documents at home for quick access.

To Store Personal Information

Your bank can rent you a small safe deposit box for these papers. If you have been a customer there for a few years, you may be eligible for the first year rent-free, and a reduced rental rate thereafter.

Private storage
is not recommended for personal information documents. These companies deal with many people who want to remain outside the law.  They are also mobile, and can close up business tomorrow, leaving your personal information in limbo, or disposed of in a dumpster.

If you are storing only information, online safe deposit systems are becoming popular. Scan your passport, credit card numbers, visas and transportation tickets, photograph your luggage and its contents, and send the whole lot by secure e-mail to an online safe deposit company. You need only a password and box ID number to access your stored items immediately from any computer terminal. If your passport is stolen, you can obtain replacement papers much faster than having to wait for copies to arrive from home.

Rent Safe box in England at Vittoria Safeboxes

Conveniently located in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter with ample onsite car parking and easy access by car, rail or bus.

Registration is quick, discrete and straightforward and we guarantee you a professional and high quality safety deposit box rental service.

Vittoria Safeboxes is accessible 7 days a week  and flexible Insurance is included in the rental charge.

Protection: Feel safe with our secure safety deposit boxes

Flexible: Range of box sizes to suit your needs

Comfort: Make an appointment quickly, by phone or by email

Accessible: Open 7 days a week throughout the year

Stability: Vittoria Safeboxes is registered with the Financial Services Authority

Secure: Registration is quick and easy. Access to our secure V111 vault is by unique biometric screening

Easy: Well-known historical area of Birmingham offers you a privacy and confidentiality. We have onsite car parking and are only 15 Minutes by walk to the city centre

The Private Bank Vault in Panama

Highly confidential and super secure asset storage and protection services assure you , that your valuables, gold and silver, cash, documents, jewelry, etc are indeed safe from others´ greedy hands or prying eyes ….forever.

High degree of anonymity and total safety and security, 24/7, for you and for all your valuables, in the fortress like walk in vault, in Panama City, Panama.

Located in the safe banking district in a modern, high rise office building, right next to an embassy, that also has 24/7 police protection, always.

The super strong walk in vault has seven layers of the latest technology security protection systems and 24/7 armed guards and guarded indoor parking, so you are able to come and go, without any risk.

Private safety deposit boxes for rent for all your valuables, inside a concrete encased , steel reinforced bank vault, built at a cost of several million dollars, behind three separate steel gates, inside is your high strength metal safety deposit box, which is under individual double lock, …and inside that is a steel box with another lock of your own on it.

Your privacy and anonymity is always assured, we have no video cameras inside the walk in vault, so you are able to handle the contents of your box in total secrecy.

Not ask you what you are storing, as long as it is not explosives, corrosives or decomposing items, … otherwise it is only for you to know

As your personal security and safety Private Bank safety vault pick you up at the airport or at your hotel in private company car, with security guard, if you wish, and bring you to the Private Vault and also take you back.

Large selection of safety deposit box sizes: small 3”x10”, medium 6”x10, large 9”x10” , extra large 15”x10” , Jumbo 15”x15” ( they are all 24” deep)

Separate, free standing, individual double dial safes are also available, which can store large volume items, like bags or large bars of gold and silver items, or cash, etc. in several suitcase sizes: Grand 22”x24”, Super Max 22”x35” , or store your own portable or free standing safe inside the walk in vault for your exclusive and anonymous use.

To make it easy for you to own gold or silver , without the transportation issues, The Private Bank Vault in Panama
, or you can arrange to purchase gold or silver coins or bars for you and have it delivered and stored here, in your separate private safety box under your own total ownership and control.

Very safe, super private and easy to store your valuables here, in Beautiful and modern and friendly Panama City, Panama.

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