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Bank safe deposit boxes banks in USA

Rent Safe Deposit Box in a Bank

How do I rent a safe deposit box in Wells Fargo Bank?

Safe deposit boxes are available at most Wells Fargo locations. The yearly rental fee varies depending on the type of account you have and the size of the box. Please contact a banker at your local Wells Fargo for details.

To make the annual payment for your Safe Deposit Box:
Call at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557) to establish automatic payments from your account to pay the Safe Deposit box renewal fee.
Or visit your local Wells Fargo location.
Or mail your payment to Wells Fargo Safe Deposit Operations, P.O. Box 3446, Portland, Oregon, 97208. Include your invoice or write the box number on your check.

To close your Safe Deposit Box, please visit the Wells Fargo location and remove your personal belongings. If the box is empty, send the keys and a signed written cancellation request to the address listed above.

Fees Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee Annual service fee for your Wells Fargo Safe Deposit Box. Varies by size  
Safe Deposit Late Fee — 60 days If your annual fee is over 60 days delinquent, you will be charged a fee. $10  
Safe Deposit Late Fee — 90 days If your annual fee is over 90 days delinquent, you will be charged a fee. $15 The 90-day late fee is in addition to the 60-day late fee.
Safe Deposit Keys Deposit for keys to your safe deposit box. $20 for two keys One-time fee
Safe Deposit Key Replacement Replace lost or stolen safe deposit keys. $25 each  
Safe Deposit Non-Emergency Drilling When drilling is required to obtain the contents of your safe deposit box and at least three business days notice is provided. $125 minimum  
Safe Deposit Emergency Drilling When drilling is required to obtain the contents of your safe deposit box and less than three business days notice is provided. $175 minimum

How much does a safe deposit box cost in Bank of America?
The cost varies by the size of the box. Locate your nearest banking center to inquire about safe deposit box availability and pricing.

Easy access for everyone
Accessible parking spaces
Accessible restrooms and Braille signage (where available)
Ramps in locations with steps
Easy-to-open doors
Accessible safe deposit box rooms

Rent Safe Deposit Boxes in USA Bank at Regions BankMaking Your Safe Deposit Box Even Safer

These simple measures should prevent thefts from your safe deposit box
Before renting a box: Read the security and operating procedures in your rental contract. Talk to the vault attendant about access procedures and security devices until you are comfortable with the level of protection. ''Observe such things as whether customers, locksmiths or other people are left alone inside the vault, which may give them an opportunity to tamper with the locks," says Kate Spears of the FDIC's Division of Compliance and Consumer Affairs in Washington. ''Nowadays, devices such as electronic lock-picks or other special tools can be used in a flash and leave no sign of tampering— except that the contents of the box are missing." Also, make sure the bank's safe deposit area has a ''viewing" room or booth outside of the vault that you can use to inspect your box's contents in privacy and safety.
At home: Keep your two safe deposit box keys apart from each other and in safe places (not with your house keys or car keys). Don't keep your keys on a key ring or in an envelope that would indicate the bank's name or the location of your box. Give your extra key only to someone you trust. ''If even one of your keys is lost," says Chicago banker Donald Sansone, ''notify the bank immediately so their personnel are on alert against someone trying to perpetrate a fraud." If both keys are lost, you should get a new box (and be prepared to pay to have your old box drilled open). Keep written and photographic records of your box's contents at home, in case any items are lost and you need to file a claim. Also check your home insurance policy to see if it covers the items in your box against loss or damage.
Inside the vault: Accompany the bank employee into the vault, and be sure no other customers are there with you. After you arrive at the vault, it's OK to give the attendant your key for the few seconds it takes to open or close the box door, but never lose sight of the key and never leave it in the box door. An unscrupulous attendant or dishonest customer only needs a few seconds to make a wax impression of your key, which can be used to make a duplicate. Also, never let a bank employee take the box out of your sight. When you return your box to the vault, be sure the box door is properly locked and that you have your key before you leave. ''Don't allow a bank employee to keep your key and handle transactions for you if you're not there— something elderly customers have done and regretted," adds Carol Mesheske, chief of a section in the FDIC's Division of Supervision that monitors fraudulent activities at banks.
Outside the vault: Only open the safe deposit box when you're inside the viewing booth and away from bank employees and customers. ''Before leaving the privacy booth, make sure all valuables are safely back inside the box," recommends Gene Seitz, also of the FDIC's anti-fraud group. ''And make sure there's nothing left behind that may indicate the contents of your box, such as a currency strap, a specially-marked envelope or an empty jewelry box."
If there's a problem: Tell a bank manager if the vault attendant seems a bit lax in following security procedures or if you spot something suspicious going on. Immediately report to the manager any items you believe are missing from your box or if there are signs of unauthorized or forced entry. If you're pretty sure you've been victimized, it's also a good idea to contact the National Fraud Information Center (phone: 800-876-7060), which reports suspected crimes to law enforcement agencies. If your bank doesn't resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you may contact its federal regulator.

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