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Open Bank account in the Caribbean

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Saint Vincent Bank account

This is a well regulated and stable international bank in St. Vincent offering access to the account through secure online banking services and Visa and MC credit card facilities. Account can be set up in one of 15 major world currencies. Additional services include tax free term deposits, and access to superior quality Wealth Management services.

You have to present the following paperwork:

Filled in application forms (we will provide you with the forms).

Certified copy of ID (passport preferred)

Copies of a Utility bill verifying residential address

Bank reference

If all the paperwork is in order, it usually takes the bank 48 hours to process the application and activate the account.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Banking: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean island that has been a tax and privacy haven for many years. It is also a popular tourist spot with beautiful beaches and resorts. There is the main island of St, Vincent along with 32 other islands. They are found in the southeastern quadrant of the Caribbean. St. Vincent is a full member of the British Commonwealth. The main financial center is found in the city of Kingstown on St. Vincent Island.

The St. Vincent Bank – The bank is a 12-year-old fully licensed bank. The jurisdiction practices bank secrecy. The country will not cooperate in any civil matter. Legislation in SVG does not allow the bank to provide any kind of information to third parties and protects bank secrecy and confidentiality. SVG authorities will need an international court order formally issued by the demanding government, before evaluating any information disclosure request.

Online Banking - The bank has online banking in English, which includes the ability to send out wires online. High secured login with digital and password device.

Text Messages - The bank also has the capability to send you a text message any time there is any activity with any of your accounts including the cards – spends, ATM cash pulls, deposits or wires sent out. This is a great security feature.

Currencies – The bank allows one to bank in any or all of the following currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, CHF, and JPY.
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