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Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes

Bank Safe deposit box

Safety deposit box, has been recommended by many experts for estate planning purposes. In order to pass the contents of the safe deposit box to the heirs without all the procedures, what is needed is that another person has access, they have the key. This is the heir is achieved by a signer on the box. If you do not want to have access during the lifetime of your them, holds the key, when or disable your death, and place it to be delivered to them in an envelope according to the instructions .
Also you might end up sooner or later, you own the other portable assets of great value should be stored in a secure location and sensitive documents - such as offshore facility safety.

What kind of things we are talking about? All valuable papers. Documents and things like stamp bill (rare), passport, bearer shares, civil records, sales, pension records, school transcripts, trust documents, immigration documents, rare, mortgage automobiletTitles, such as a coin. In addition, you may want to save the data as a safe off-site backup DVD or USB memory stick.

Does your company should I use a separate bank or safe?

Not only the company of the box - the best solution is to rent a safe in the major banks, leading reliable in general. Also many banks, it will be necessary to pay the rent for withdrawal of the box has been approved in advance and you have an account with them.

You are not a bank, should I use a separate company safe why? Independent companies seem to start is because deprived of very regularly, or fold. As well as public storage facility, they are also less desirable character frequently has been used.

On the other hand, the costume of a private storage, may not require any identification in order to open the box. They are careful to give them to you, you may accept any pseudonym. Your box such, may be recognized on the basis of plastic card without signing in as that is not linked to the payment functionality and any account, it is to pay for several years in advance era vital to the user. This can be avoided the box is opened for non-payment of rent, the contents are sold.

One client is the sad story of how to stay due to cancer after hospitalization for a long time to me, he can box his self-storage unit of the public has been opened after year for nonpayment of rent I've found. The contents had been sold at auction. He is an old stock certificate was worth it as a strain, had a collection of great value to collectors. One had a rare original signature of the inventor Thomas Edison. They were disposed of as scrap paper.

Best of the offshore country safe deposit box

Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg is a traditional safe haven is perfect for the safe. You do not need to show a passport, to pass through the border control official in the country suitable location box does not have is one. This is not the case with Switzerland - you will not take the chance of you to one of the very few unmanned border!

Is the hub of national airline convenient Vienna, Zurich airport also. Can pass through these countries in handy when moving between other cities. Place the stop at least long enough to place it, taking out what you need, to your hiding place just to visit. In the case of the locale of the safe deposit box, you do not need to seek a tax haven is not available. Peace of all countries is fine only property rights are respected, stable surface.

All banks will provide the most safe. If you are placed in the country there is no problem with you, it does not matter much one you are using. However, I know you a box, you must have at least one person trust the people who can access it. It is in your box, you forget that, not to be discarded is important if you have an accident.

Securely store the key!

When you opened the box, please consider depositing the key in a sealed envelope with a private banker or personal depository of the bank. By doing this, the key is in the same way as ex-wife soon of you, or those of you who have nobody with the intention dubious, please check that it is not found in your inventory.

Many banks in the safety deposit box with two keys - one is you have owned. (Path key in general) the second will be retained by the bank. You can only box is open in both.

In the latest high-tech safe, there is no key that is not very. These safe, can only be opened by fingerprint scan. Another solution is to use the box to have a lock on a combination of location. Experienced safe cracker, you can open the lock on the combo is good. They are less secure than the key complex - in our experience. We are not eager to secret number memory as well. Why is that? Since we have forgotten the password multiple times and important combination.

You will lose it, you is when you need to get a backup copy was secured in the box thoughtfully, please make sure that you can access the box without displaying the ID! Even if you are well known - what bank, part of Zurich, make sure every time you access the box, I would like to copy ID in particular. As far as there may be a box for you, you need to do, even without ID, please check to be introduced to some of the staff can access the box. And take a good look, remember you personally so that you can access the money of account and the box without any identification at any time, please tell them. I remember it like it is possible to talk about their favorite jokes and stupid, tell it again after many years, please tell them. Then they will remember you!

Shh ... you do you can keep a secret?

However, take the key of the safe deposit box, please do not store it in a gold chain around your neck at all times. This is the villain of the movie will do.

If you want something a secret, I think that it is always one step ahead. Please do not tell anyone about it. Leave the instructions and key people who can implicitly trust your bank or personal. Also, I think ahead! Something happens to you just to be sure - leave the instruction of the death of your chest. These can be can be described, has been recorded in the CD of the video format. When and if the annual fee is not paid every year - your box is opened after about one to two years of inactivity.

Sometimes safe, have been forgotten for decades. His bank after about 70 years Al Capone billionaire and reputation mastermind of crime have in Chicago was once died in prison, was closed it was found that had been long forgotten, secret he Lock the underground vault that have been registered in the name of. His money has not been found. On national television, you will live bought the rights to display open and re-excavation of this vault "on TV. 'Many people, myself included, we. Tuning, of Egypt for the grand opening was a good show? That happened and to bring down for the ending I thought it was an event comparable to the discovery of the tomb of great King Tut. what. Apparently, people with a spare key to the facility safety of Al Capone is, first got there. something of interest even a little was not anything in the vault.

Your secret is, or will die with you?

Most offshore banks, and they, they are allowed to withdraw the payment of annual rent of safe deposit box from that account, you must have a bank account. When you use the automated payment instructions and such has been estimated before you died, box is drilled, it may be dead many years ago. Therefore, the home of your bank, if he is to say three years, have not heard from you over a period of time probably should be instructed to open the (your box) to your instructions. Better yet, there are other bankers must be given "after three years of non-contact, please contact your child, wife, best friend lawyer, or XYZ, of me." Trust you You must have followed the instructions of what to do with your assets in the event of your death, loss or failure of someone who can. Your banker must say what to do, and he is to contact those people that know for sure where to find you when and how.

Has nothing to do in order to obtain from the appeal for you, your trust in someone, should be given the power has been sealed in addition to or assigned counsel, come to be tied up end loose all valid perhaps there. Without this, in Switzerland, the bank holding your assets just for example! Simple as that. In English-speaking countries, real estate law to cover the contents of the safe return was abandoned and dormant accounts, typically have. In the UK, money and assets are unclaimed, in the state of 'Crown' California go, the contents of the box and the account dormant for more than seven years of pension funds will move to the faculty.

In such a case, it has a very limited time only for the heir to make a claim. To know the assets that they do not have it, most do not.

Safety of anonymity in the palace of Austria

Switzerland and Austria are excellent when you are running the safety function generally modest. In almost all countries, you need to rent a safe ID. However, in Austria, at the time of writing of the article, there is a safety company to provide a safe and anonymous. It was recommended by a reader and have been around for very many years. Is it possible to hold in your home country in order to store the passport of the second tool that you can not, of PT and other bank card is a good place.

This company has its facilities in the basement of the palace of beautiful Vienna. It is the name of safety Das, in the company's Web site, if located in Vienna, you are you can visit them in the Auerspergstrasse 1. Although we predict and stay in business for a long time they come, they are open to question how long to take the business of anonymity is allowed.

Schoellerbank branch (Access, are not required where the key that is regulated by electronic fingerprint scan) may be recommended to other safety facilities - Austrian Raiffeisenbank in the enclave in a "secret" of Jungholz and.

Safe and reliable company in Prague

By another service that we know is safe in Prague, Czech Republic. They are, ID is valid, you must open the box. Service from then on is a highly specialized conservative without ID required to access later. You can pay up to 5 years in advance. The main entry to the bolt, and is a self-service swipe card system at the main door. You can give the card key door to anyone. And they are without having to identify themselves, or to meet all the staff in any way, you can access your safe box.

This particular company is a joint venture between one of the Chequepoint chain of banks and money changers in the Czech Republic. It has been around since 1992. They are located in the basement of the old bank building from the famous Wenceslas Square. We welcome visitors to stop by because they are, to inspect the facility. Address is 28 Ijna 13. Web site is currently in English but can not be used, whether you visit them, they will speak English.

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