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How to open Swiss Postal Bank account via email

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Swiss Postal Bank account for Europeans
Bank was established in 1849 and is highly regarded. Provides support for all money-related matters. With a comprehensive and cost-effective range of products, innovative services and personal commitment. 2.58 million Bank Accounts, 827 million transactions with total sales of over 3,9 trillion Swiss francs - the figures are impressive. It has expanded its range of financial services and aims to be one of the top five Swiss retail financial institutions.

For business-policy reasons, Bank offer services within these geographical limits: Andorra, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City State

On 26 June 2013 Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) granted a licence to PostFinance to become a bank, making it the 5th largest bank in Switzerland.

Account is available only to some countries. PostFinance is primarily a nation-wide provider of financial services which focuses on the Swiss market and those of neighbouring countries.

Profile: Postfinance AG provides professional and personal financial services in the fields of payments, investments, financing, and retirement planning in Switzerland. The company offers various financial services for private customers, including accounts, cards, payment transactions, investments, retirement planning, mortgages, and e-services; online financial transaction services; and e-trading services. It also offers accounts, cards, payment transactions, investments, financing, e-services, and online financial transaction services for company founders, start-up companies, small companies, medium-sized and large businesses, public entities, associations, and banks. The company was founded in 1906 and is based in Bern, Switzerland. Postfinance AG operates as a subsidiary of Die Schweizerische Post.

The procedure to open an account is very simple:
Open easy Bank account. The opening kit contains some forms which must be compiled and signed by you and any other person who will be using the account and also send the certified copy of passport with an "apostille". Learn here how to "apostille documents"

For opening an account, you have to complete and sign online application forms. You can open an account on line at Bank website in few steps at the following link:

PostFinance was founded in 1906 and is the financial services unit of Swiss Post. It is the fifth largest retail financial institution in Switzerland. Its main area of activity is in the national and international payments and a smaller but growing part in the areas of savings, pensions and real estate.

Opening an Account with PostFinance
PostFinance (the post office bank) has one big advantage over normal banks: staff do not demand to see your residence permit
when you open an account. Because getting a residence permit can take up to three months, most students therefore decide to open an account with PostFinance. (However, you will be required to show your “Meldebestätigung” – the document confirming that you have applied for the residence permit). PostFinance offers a special student set for people under 30
whose studies will last for at least one year. The conditions and benefits are similar to those offered by the banks (free account management, free customer card, free credit card, e-banking etc.).You can apply online at:

“PostFinance is officia lly a service of the Swiss Post, but in fact it operates as a bank. It’s highly recommended to open an account with them: it’s easy and quick and you can withdraw money and pay with your customer card in almost every shop all over Switzerland. They even offer e-banking services!”
(John, 28, U.K)

If you are English in U.K or other European country and it is not available the service for Postal Postfinance account you can try this other Swiss Banks

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